Adrián Bonilla Soria

BonillaHe is an Ecuadorian academic and researcher. He has a doctorate in International Studies from the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Miami. He has a Master’s in International Relations from the same university. He also has a Bachelor’s in Public and Social Sciences from the Central University of Ecuador and graduated from the schools of Sociology (1987) and Law (1984) from the same university.

He is the current Secretary General of the Latin American Social Sciences Department FLACSO. (2012-2016), and lead professor at FLACSO Ecuador. He was also the director of FLACSO Headquarters in Ecuador (2004-2012) and Member of the Directive Committee of the Latin American Network Headquarters for International Studies, RIBEI, in 2010. He has been a professor of postgraduate studies in courses on exterior policy of the Andean countries, Security and Conflict in Latin America, Theories of International Relations, Advanced Seminar in International Relations, and Fundamentals of Occidental Policy Thinking, amongst others.