Luiz Paulo Guanabara

GuanabaraClinical psychologist specialized in Brief Psychotherapy by Centro de Pós-Graduação da Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Rio de Janeiro; in 2003 he founded the NGO Psicotropicus – Brazilian Center for Drug Policy, pioneer organization in drug policy in Brazil, of which he is Executive Director. In 2006 along with a group of international activists, he founded the International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD), of which he is Director.

En 2012 con un background group of Latin American activists la Red Latinoamericana de Personas that Usan Drugs (LANPUD), regional brazo de INPUD. Studio también en el Philosophy and History Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Música en el Instituto Villa-Lobos (Rio) y en Berklee College (Boston, USA); participate as estudiante también en 2011 y en 2012 as asistente del curso Drug Policy and Human Rights en la Central European University (CEU) in Budapest.