Local organizer

Encabezado Conferencia elegido-03For the implementation of this project, the CONFEDROGAS Consortium agrees to designate the Costa Rican Association for Drug Study and Intervention (ACEID) as local organizer.  This decision is based on the intention to strengthen the field of drug policies in Central America, a region with scarce development of civil society in this area, promoting public visibility of and the transfer of skills to a young organization that, in its brief history, has contributed actively to the global movement for the reform of drug policy.

ACEID is a non-profit organization that began its work at the end of 2012 and constituted itself legally at the beginning of 2013, formed by a group of professionals, artists, and activists interested in the transformation of drug policy in Costa Rica toward a focus on human rights. Its mission is the reduction of stigmatization and discrimination that people who use drugs suffer, along with the risks and harms associated with the offer and demand of illicit substances.  Its principle objectives are: 1. Contribute to the transformation and strengthening of public drug policies based on a focus of human rights.  2.  Provide theoretical and practical approaches with the goal of reducing the stigmatization and discrimination that drug users suffer.  3. Promote the development of social investigation on problems related with drugs, with the goal of producing scientific evidence that supports the making of political and technical decisions.  4.  Promote the production, exchange, and dissemination of information for the decrease of risk and the reduction of harm caused by the consumption and traffic of drugs.  5. Foster the change of attitudes and the development of new abilities of those who work directly with populations affected by drugs.  6.  Provide incentives for collaboration and cooperation between institutions and other social actors. With this plan, they have established four principle areas of work: investigation, awareness and training, advocacy, and communication.