Jineth Bedoya Lima

BedoyaJineth Bedoya Lima spent 17 years covering the armed conflict in Colombia on radio, in print and on television. She is currently Deputy Editor of the publicationI. She has published six books; the latest, Blanco Neutralizado (2013), is about the history of drug trafficking in Colombia. She is a lecturer at the Centro Latinoamericano de Periodismo(CELAP). She has won several international awards, including the Award for Woman of Courage, awarded by the State Department of the United States, which commended her persistence in continuing to practice journalism despite having been kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused while doing her work.

In 2009, 9 years after the kidnapping, she decided to share her story and created the No Es Hora De Callar(It Is Not the Time to Be Silent) campaign, which has helped dozens of female victims like her.  In October 2013 she was chosen by the British association AVOV as one of the hundred most influential journalistscovering wars and violence in the world.