Manuel Seminario Bisso

seminario_bissoBisso is a psychologist, journalist and entrepreneur who dedicated the past 23 years to the development and marketing of wholesome foods enriched with native starches: Coca, Quinoa, Quiwicha, Kañihua, Maca and others.

For the last 4 years he has been touring the world in a van called Coca Mobile informing the world’s population about a valuable and nutritious food (currently banned by the UN for being considered drug), Coca Leaf, suggesting that people include it as part of their daily diet to maintain health.  To date, the van has already traveled through South America and shared the need for coca leaf and theknowledge of its nutritional value; the energy it provides is its main benefit to those who consume it because energizing food is in high demand.  This pilgrimage seeks to show the benefits of the consumption of the coca leaf and thus force the UN to remove it from the list of Prohibited Substances (where it has been since 1961)and from there to share it with the world, generating a demand that will compete with drug trafficking.