Claudia Paz y Paz

claudia paz y pazA former Nobel Peace Prize nominee Claudia Paz y Paz, was the first female Attorney General of Guatemala,  she leads the country’s effort to reconstruct its democratic institutions and pursue prosecutions of responsible perpetrators in order to combat the pervasive impunity which fuels violence and corruption within the country. Dr. Paz y Paz is at the forefront of the fight to bring those responsible for mass human rights abuses to justice. A highly respected criminal law expert and judge with over 18 years of experience, she has made unprecedented strides in the prosecution of organized crime, corruption and human rights violations. Her efforts are at the center of a movement within Guatemala to overcome simmering conflicts lingering from years of civil war.

In 2012, Forbes named Paz y Paz one of the “five most powerful women changing the world.” She was the recipient of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) 2014 Human Rights Award, which honors organizations or individuals who have been exemplary in WOLA’s vision of a world where human rights and social justice are the foundation of public policy.