Milton Romani was honored in Santo Domingo

Milton Romani was General Secretary of Uruguay’s National Drug Advisory and Permanent Representative for Uruguay to the Organization of American States. He is someone who, acting from the realm of governance, has contributed the most in addressing drug policies from a human rights perspective. He was a promoter of reforms to legally regulate cannabis in Uruguay. Graciela Touzé, president of Intercambios Civil Association, presented a placard of appreciation.

With emotion, Milton Romani declared that “the participation of civil society is essential for designing public policy.” He also reflected on the so-called war on drugs, calling it a “war against the people.” “When we attack violence we increase violence. We live in a very unfair region; we have the highest rates of violence because poverty and inequality have increased much more than growth and development,” the former official concluded. “We must rescue the agenda of rights towards humanity, we must ask for the right to health, denied to thousands of users because of drug use.”