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Javier Macario Mejía.

He’s a Specialist in the ECO2 Model, awarded by the Mexican Center of Training at the Silesian University with backing from the Mexican National Committee against Addictions. Mexico and Managua, Nicaragua. 2008.  He has a Bachelor’s in Drug Addictions and associated critical situations.

He was the Operating Coordinator of the Drug Addiction Prevention Project at the Program of Drug Dependencies, Pastoral Social Caritas, Diocese of Quiché, Guatemala, from 2004 to 2009.

He’s additionally a researcher in the topic of Alternative Sanctions for Adolescents in Conflict regarding the Penal Law at the Institute of Comparative Studies of Penal Sciences in Guatemala since 2010.  Currently, he’s the General Coordinator of the Training and Capacity Center of the Central American Network of Organizations that Intervene in Social Suffering—RECOISS—with an Administrative site in Guatemala.