Speakers who have already confirmed their attendance at the 6th Latin American and 1st Caribbean Conference on Drug Policy include:


Yaw Akrasi- Sarpong  (Republic of Ghana). Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board in Ghana

Maria-Goretti Ane (Ghana). Consultant for International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC). Member of the West Africa Drug Policy Network

Andrés Antillano (Venezuela). Researcher at the Institute of Crime Science of the Central University of Venezuela

Rose-Marie Belle Antoine (Trinidad and Tobago/Saint Lucia). Law Professor at the West Indies University. President of the CARICOM Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee

Arazeli Azuara (OEA). Representative of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States in the Dominican Republic

Lilian Bobea (Dominican Republic). Sociologist and an expert on security and defense issues in Latin America

Kathy-Ann Brown (Jamaica). Deputy Solicitor General and Director of International Affairs, Attorney General’s Chambers, Jamaica

Nuria Calzada (Spain). Coordinator of the Energy Control Programme, a risk reduction project of the NGO Welfare and Development Association (ABD)

Priscilla Chavez Mendez (Costa Rica). Spokeswomen for women encarcelated for drug related misdemeanor

Alejandro Corda (Argentina). Researcher at Intercambios Civil Association. Member of the Drugs and Law Collective Study (CEDD)

Ernesto Cortés (Costa Rica). Director of the Costa Rican Association for the Study and Drug Intervention (ACEID) – CONFEDROGAS

Pablo Cymerman (Argentina). Executive Coordinator of CONFEDROGAS. Responsible of Institutional Relations Intercambios Civil Association

Marcus Day (Saint Lucia). Coordinator of the Caribbean Harm Reduction Coalition  (CHRC)

Amapola Duran Salas (Perú). Secretary of Human Rights and International Relations of the National Confederation of Agricultural Producers of the coca-growing regions of Peru , CONPACCP

Juan Radhamés de la Rosa Hidalgo (Dominican Republic). Executive Director of Casa Abierta

Diego García Devis (OSF). Responsible of Global Program on Drug Policies,  Open Society Foundations

Vicki Hanson (Jamaica). Committee Member of Ganja (Future) Growers & Producers Association. West Indies University

Jorge Hernández Tinajero (Mexico). Member of the Latin-American Coalition of Cannabis Activists

Natasha Horsfield (United Kingdom). Advocacy officer and Director for the reform on drug policies proyect at Health Poverty Action

Roberts Husbands (Canadá). Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Lorenzo Jiménez de Luis (UNDP). Resident Representative of United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Resident Coordinator in the Dominican Republic

Aldo Lale-Demoz (UNODC). Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Deputy Executive Director

Diederik Lohman (Netherlands). Associate Director of Health and Human Rights at Human Rights Watch

Dr Luiz Loures (Brazil). Deputy Executive Director of Programme of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations

Donald MacPherson (Canada).  Director Canadian Drug Policy Coalition Former Vancouver´s Drug Policy Coordinator

Lidiane Malanquini (Brazil). Redes da Maré Coordinator and Researcher with Public Security and Territorial Development axis

María Cristina Meneses Sotomayor (Ecuador). Criminal Public Defender

Pien Metaal (Netherlands). Coordinator of the proyect for Latin American Program on Drugs and Democracy at the Transnational Institute (TNI) – CONFEDROGAS

Zhuyem Molina Murillo (Costa Rica). Public Defender Supervisor in the Department of Public Defense in charge of the Criminal Unit of Gender and legislative advocacy

Alma Morales (OPS/OMS).  Representative of the Panamerican Health Organization

Diego M. Olivera Couto (Uruguay). Secretary General of the National Union on Drugs in Uruguay

Rafael Pérez Torruela (Puerto Rico). Director of Intercambios Puerto Rico

Adrián Pietryszyn (Argentina). Responsible of Comunication and Press at Intercambios Civil Association

Diego Piñol (Chile). Researcher at the Citizen Security Study Centre of the Chile University

Julián Quintero (Colombia). Director of Corporation Technical Social Action (ATS) – CONFEDROGAS

Bibiana Restrepo Lizcano (Colombia). Management of social life and mental health of the Ministry of Health and Social Security of the Municipality of Pereira

Milton Romani (Uruguay). Former General Secretary for the National Union on Drugs in Uruguay. Permanent Representative of the American States Organization

Santo Rosario Ramírez (Dominican Republic). Executive Director of the Center for Integral Orientation and Research (COIN). President of the Coalition ONGSida

Herney Ruiz (Colombia). Peasant producer of coca leaf and other food in the village of Lerma, department of Cauca.  Colombian Macizo Integration Committee (CIMA)

Javier Sagredo (PNUD). Regional Democratic Governance and Citizen Security Advisor at the United Nations Development Programme

Lisa Sánchez (Mexico). Coordinator of the Latin American Program for the Reform of Drug Policy at Mexico United against Delinquency (MUCD)

Luciana Temer (Brazil). Secretary of Social Welfare and Development in Sao Paulo

Graciela Touzé (Argentina). President of Intercambios Civil Association – CONFEDROGAS

Vanessa Uziely (Dominican Republic). Operations Manager at the Center for Integral Orientation and Investigation (COIN) – CONFEDROGAS

Rafael Silva West (Brazil). EX – General Manager of Drug Policy and Chairman of the State Council for Drug Policy at Prenambuco (CEPAD/PE)

Coletta Youngers (United States). Researcher at the Washington Office for Latin America (WOLA) – CONFEDROGAS

Oscar Giovanni Zepeda (El Salvador). Founder of the Pastoral Initiative for Life and Peace, founder of the “Evangelical Churches United for Peace organization”