To enter the Dominican Republic a valid passport is required. You will also probably need a tourist card (US $ 10 or 10 €) or a visa.

Keep in mind that to leave the country you have to pay $ 20 regardless of your nationality and the reason you are in the Dominican Republic.

Here is a list of countries whose citizens need a visa or tourist card to visit Dominican Republic.

Citizens from the countries that are not in the list do not need visa to enter the Dominican Republic. Holders of official or diplomats passports from Latin American countries do not need visas.

Under No. 875 Law, all foreigners who need a visa and want to enter the Dominican Republic must hold the visa in their passport, obtained through a Dominican consulate. The entrance to Dominican Republic as a tourist should not exceed 90 days, for those who require a visa as well as those who can enter with a tourist card.

If you are a citizen of a country that needs a visa and are a legal resident of the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Germany, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, Britain, France, Greece, Ireland and Denmark, with some exceptions, you can enter Republic Dominican with your passport, residence permit and tourist card.

List of countries that required visa or tourist card here.

 Tourist card

The tourist card is valid for one year from the date of purchase, can be used only once and just for a visit of up to 30 days. This card can be purchased at sales points at land, air and sea ports of entry of the country; as well as the Dominican embassies, consular offices abroad and through tourism operators. It can also be purchased online.


Tourist can be issued for one or more entries and can be extended for 60 days. For more details about visas, see the Dominican Republic Consulate in your country.

To view the list of Dominican consulates abroad, click here

 Information about different types of visas