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Agostina Chiodi (Argentina) Bachelor of Political Science. Works in the Institutional Relations area  at Intercambios Civil Association.

Pablo Cymerman (Argentina) Coordinator of the Organizing Committee.  Psychologist.  Responsible for Institutional Relations at Intercambios Civil Association.  Professor and researcher at the University of Buenos Aires.

Jorge Hernandez Tinajero (Mexico) Political scientist and internationalist. Professor at the Politic and Social Sciences College of the National University of Mexico (UNAM). President of CUPIHD.

Eleonora Pfister (Argentina) Bachelor of Human Resources.  Coordinator of Technical and Administrative Area at Intercambios Civil Association.

Leopoldo Rivera (Mexico) Communication researcher for the UNAM. Member of CUPIHD.

Ricardo B. Sala (Mexico). Graduated of Communication Sciences from UAM-X. Member of CUPIHD.

Graciela Touzé (Argentina) Social worker.  President of Intercambios Civil Association. Professor and researcher at the University of Buenos Aires.

Carlos Zamudio (Mexico) Ethnologist. Master in Social Medicine. Member of CUPIHD.