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Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th of September 2002. Auditorium Argentine National Congress. Rivadavia 1853. Buenos Aires.

Organizer: INTERCAMBIOS CIVIL ASSOCIATION for the study and treatment of problems related to drugs                 .

This Conference takes place with the support of the Foundation for the Reform of Drug Policies, administrated by the Tides Foundation, New York.


  • International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA).
  • European NGO Coalition on Drugs (ENCOD).
  • National Justice and Human Rights Ministry.
  • Office of Programming for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and the Fight against Drug Trafficking (SEDRONAR).
  • Office of Human Rights. National Justice and Human Rights Ministry.
  • National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Racism (INADI). Ministry of the Interior.
  • Department of Health. Buenos Aires City Government.
  • Department of Social Sciences. University of Buenos Aires.
  • Interdisciplinary Masters Program of Problems related to Improper Drug Use. Advanced Studies Center. University of Buenos Aires.
  • Latin American Harm Reduction Network (RELARD).
  • Argentine Harm Reduction Network (REDARD).

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 17 8:30 am. Accreditation

9-10 am OPENING

  • President of the Coalition of the Prevention of Addiction and the Fight Against Drug Trafficking. Dr. María Nilda Sodá.
  • National Assistant Director of the Department of Programming for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and the Fight against Drug Trafficking. Dr. Camilo Verruno.
  • President of INTERCAMBIOS Civil Association. Graciela Touzé.


  • Alberto Bialakowsky Assistant Director of the Interdisciplinary Masters Program of Problems Related to Improper Drug Use - UBA. “Drugs and Culture: paradigm conflict.”
  • Alfredo Carballeda: (Professor UBA, National University of La Plata UNLP, National University of Entre Rios UNER, Director Revista Margen). “State and Context. Drug Intervention from a Political Science Perspective”
  • Ricardo Maliandi. (Senior Professor of Ethics. UNLP/UBA). “Drugs and Ethics”
  • Dr. Juan Pegoraro. (Senior Professor of Crime and Society. UBA). “Criminalization and social defense”
  • Daniel Tognetti. (Journalist) “Media and The Spread of Drugs”

Moderator: Paula Goltzman. INTERCAMBIOS.

12pm-2pm. Break

2pm-3pm CONFERENCE:The Problem of Drugs from a Human Rights Perspective”

Dr. Horacio Cattani. (Professor of Penal Law and Criminology UBA and National University of Lomez de Zamorra UNLZ. Justice of the Federal Penal Court).


  • Dr. Matilde Bruera. (Public Defender. Professor of Penal Law National University of Rosario UNR). “Individual Rights and Drug Policy in Argentina.”
  • Dr. Felix Crous. (District Criminal Attorney, Director of Criminal Policies: District Attorney’s Office) “Penal Persecution Policies for Drug-Related Crime.”
  • Dr. Eduardo Garcia. (National Representative for the Province of Córdoba) “The Need for Contemporary Legal Reform: Decriminalization of Personal Drug Use”
  • Dr. Luis Niño. (Criminal Justice. Professor UBA, University of Belgrano UB y UNLZ.). “Problems and Challenges of Current Drug Laws.”
  • Irma Parentella. (National Representative for Buenos Aires). “Confronting Problems or Maintaining Prejudices.”

Moderator: Diana Rossi. INTERCAMBIOS.

5pm-5:15 pm: Break

5:15-6:30 pm CONVERENCE: “Drug Policy in Latin America: Situational Analysis”.

Dr. Wálter Fanganiello Maierowitch. (Justice of the High Criminal Court of Sao Paulo. Former National Anti-Drug Secretary of Brazil).

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 17 9-10am Conference: “Geopolitical Perspective on the Drug Problem”.

Dr. Alain Labrousse. (Sociologist. Founder of the French Geopolitical Drug Watch Organization)


  • Oscar Raúl Cardoso. (Journalist) “Drug Policy in an International Context”.
  • Dr. Jorge Morello. (Professor Emeritus and Director of the Landscape and Environment Ecological Association UBA). “Coca Cultivation and its Ecological Impact”.
  • Dr. Adriana Rossi. (Professor of International Relations: UNR. “Drug Trafficking: Between Illegality, Legitimization, and Functionality”.
  • Dr. Juan Gabriel Tokatlian. (Professor of International Relations. Universidad San Andrés). “The Problems of Prohibition”.

Moderator: Diego Melamed. INTERCAMBIOS.

12-2pm Break


  • Dr. Claudio Bloch. (General Director. AIDS Coordination. City Government of Buenos Aires). “From Micro-projects to State Policy”.
  • Juan Carlos Domínguez. (Professor in the Department of Psychology UNLP, Social Sciences Department UBA). “Drug Policy from a Mental Health Perspective”.
  • Dr. José Carlos Escudero. (Physician and Master of Public Health. Senior Professor UNLP, National University of Lujan and UBA). “Drug Consumption Epidemiology”.
  • Dr. Aquiles Roncoroni. (Professor Emeritus UBA) “Medical Marijuana Use”.
  • Graciela Touzé. (President INTERCAMBIOS Civil Association, Professor and Researcher UBA). “Drug Policy: Right to Health or Control of Differences?”.

Moderator: Dr. Marcelo E. Vila. INTERCAMBIOS.

4-4:15pm Break

4:15-5:30pm PERSPECTIVES

Dr. Wálter Fanganiello Maierowitch. (Justice of the High Criminal Court of Sao Paulo. Former National Anti-Drug Secretary of Brazil).

“Decriminalization of Drug Use in the Region”.

  • Dr. Alain Labrousse. (Sociologist.Founder of the French Geopolitical Drug Watch Organization). “Geopolitical Perspectives”.
  • Pablo Cymerman. (Educational Coordinator of Intercambios. Professor and Researcher UBA) “Perspectives on the Argentine Debate”