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Carlos Martinez Renteria. Director of Generation Magazine, Mexico.

A graduate of the Carlos Septién García School as Journalist.  He is cultural reporter for the “El Universal” newspaper from 1984 to 1995. He is also the founder and Director of the “Generación” magazine from 1988 until today.  Additionally, he has collaborated with numerous other newspapers and magazines including:  Saturday Supplement (”Unomásuno”), ” El Nacional”, “Milenio”, “Tierra Adentro”, “Día Siete”, Play Boy, Open and “Cáñamo” from Barcelona.

He’s the coordinator and anthologist of 15 books, such as: Culture against culture (Plaza and Janés), Once Upon a Time in Mexico City (Mexico City Government), Alcohol and Creation (University of Guadalajara), The Wave’s Crest (Publications “Generacion”), Drug Culture in Mexico (Cuphid), and the Barbarie poem collection (Moho Editorial).

He’s the director of the National Congress of Counterculture (2003-2010)