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Newsletter 08-16-10

  • Brazil: Undersecretary of Policy for the fight against drugs created in the Federal District.
  • Bolivia: Evo orders the Armed Forces to fight against drugs.
  • Argentina: Drug possession for personal use declared unconstitutional in Chubut Province
  • Mexico: Government supplies syringes to drug addicts
  • Uruguay: Bill on drug use

Newsletter 08-02-10

  • Brazil: Opposing candidate against liberalizing marijuana.
  • Argentina: the Justice again condemns the use of marijuana in the street.
  • Evo Morales accuses the United States of sabotage in the fight against drugs
  • Conviction of a Brazilian soldier sentenced for smoking marijuana appealed
  • Mexican Army takes down two drug laboratories in Guanajuato

Newsletter 07-21-10

  • Brazilian government analyzes the decriminalization of marijuana use
  • Buenos Aires: doubled the amount of women imprisoned for narcotics.
  • Europe: the use of syringes for drug use is diminishing
  • New website: the Human Cost of the “War on Drugs”.
  • Former Latin American presidents oppose the “War on Drugs”